Hammerdrone is a death metal band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada that features ex-members of Rotschreck (Tenderloin Records, UK), Reverend Kill (Apollon Records, NL) and current members of Krepitus.  Our music mixes up intense aggression, dark atmosphere and elegant melodies to deliver songs that are both epic and catchy. 

We self-released “Dark Harvest” on March 24, 2017.  This, our second full-length album, followed up our 2014 debut album, “Clone of Europa” and our 2012 EP “A Demon Rising”.  In 2019 we released "An Ever Increasing Wave" and are now (August) commencing recording of a new EP, "A Trinity of Rage". 


We work hard at our craft, practicing in our own custom-built rehearsal studio and self-promoting throughout the metal underground, including filming three music videos, for the songs "A Demon Rising", "Dark Harvest" and "An Ever Increasing Wave".  We were one of 2 national finalists for the Wacken Metal Battle Canada Final in 2018.

We put on an intense live show and take pride in our professionalism and stage craft.  Read a review.

RIYL: Amon Amarth, Bolt Thrower, Behemoth, Soilwork, etc.

Festival Appearances: Calgary Metalfest 2 (2013), Farmageddeon Fest (2013), Loud As Hell 666 (2017), Halloween in February (2017), Days of the Dead 4 (2017), UFR (2018), Loud As Hell 7 (2018), Decimate 2.0 (2019).

Shared the stage with: Archspire, Hideous Divinity, Depths of Hatred, Aggression, Divinity, Numenorean, Psychotic Gardening, Crimson Shadows, Vesperia, The Convalescence, West of Hell, Exit Strategy, Hellrazer, BLEED, Centuries of Decay, Mares of Thrace, etc.


​" with Dark Harvest confirming itself as a heavy hitter, no doubt. Check out the title track for a killer example of intense melodic death paired with catchy songwriting."

Greg Pratt - Bravewords

(Dark Harvest Review)

an ever increasing wave (2019)

Hammerdrone - An Ever Increasing Wave -


dark Harvest (2017)

Hammerdrone - Dark Harvest

clone of europa (2014)

Hammerdrone - Clone of Europa

Hammerdrone are (L-R):


Curtis Beardy - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals

Rick Cardellini - Lead Guitar

Graham Harris - Vocals

Vince Cardellini - Drums

Teran Wyer - Bass & Backing Vocals

a demon rising (ep) (2012)

Hammerdrone - A Demon Rising
Hammerdrone - melodic death metal band